I am fascinated by the mystery our existence, our humanity, this grand illusion.  Art for me can be a tool for deeper understanding, a place of contemplation and unlimited potential.

My goal is to create an immersive visual experience; something that moves me.  I can only follow my heart, and trust that the inspiration there will take me to the next step, and those that follow.

I’m always inspired by nature and the possibilities and opportunities that the painted image can reveal. 

The magic of working with the moving image is that the viewer cannot predict, only anticipate what is coming next.  That wonderful moment of discovery ceases to become a moment but can be an ongoing and continuous experience.  For me, this is not something achievable with the static image.

It is the mysterious that drives me; the rekindling of that child-like awe, something we all have but all-too-often leave behind.

My work explores that mystery through this experiment in movement, thought and form.

Steve Matson

From the age of five, Steve Matson was taught to draw and paint by his mother, who was an accomplished artist. From his early beginnings as an illustrator, to painting amazing environments in award-winning Hollywood films.  Steve has always looked to redefine what’s possible in art. 

For over 30 years it has been his goal to bring his paintings to life, organically and without compromise.  He would have to wait 25 years for technology to mature to the point where he could achieve that goal. 

Through this waiting period he was not idle, he has had an award winning career creating matte paintings for movies. Films as: Life of Pi (Academy Award for Best Visual Effects 2013), Polar Express, Star Wars EP3, Superman, The Chronicles of Narnia, Surfs Up, Beowulf, 300 and many others. He worked on the One World Trade Center elevators experience: “A Time-lapse of New York over the centuries”.

In 2010 he created his first Moving Painting, achieving his life-long goal.  Since then his life hasn’t been the same.  With each new work, he continually pushes the boundaries of this seemingly unlimited new medium. 

Steve is now permanently represented by seven galleries in the US and has collectors all over the globe.

Artist Statement