Steve Matson has created a revolutionary art-form that has never been seen before. He has successfully combined his fine art painting background with his 25 years working in visual effects for Hollywood movies to create a multidimensional visual experience.


Nowhere else will you find art created with traditional paints and brushes, combined with cinematography, cutting-edge visual effects, digital painting, animation, music and sound effects.

To create a Moving Painting is no simple task.  There are hundreds of different layers and animated elements many of which are very subtle, all working together in harmony to create an engaging experience

There are over 18,000 individual images that play back at 24 images per second. All beautifully framed, in a self contained HD 1080p LED display which will hang on your wall just like a traditional painting.

Our Moving Painting displays have the ability to view one or all of Steve Matson’s artwork. Each painting is approximately 10 minutes in length and will play continuously all day long.