Steve Matson combines his fine art painting background with 25 years working in visual effects for film.

These works are created with traditional paints and brushes, combined with cinematography, digital visual effects, digital painting, animation, music and sound effects.

There are hundreds of different layers and animated elements many of which are very subtle, all working together to create a single immersive experience.

Each piece takes 7-12 months to create.

There are two options for acquiring Steve’s work:

  1. 1.Self contained monitor, that is framed, and ready to hang.

  1. 2.ArtStick” gives you the ability to play the works on your TV or home theater system.

Both technologies can contain one or all of the Moving Paintings.

There are over 14,000 individual images that play back at 24 images per second. You can pause it at any point you like to have a different image.

Each work is approximately 10 long and will play continuously.

Each moving art piece is a limited edition of 1000 and comes with a signed letter of authenticity.





Using your TV for art is ideal because it's located in the most frequented spot in your home. Transforming that big black rectangle into a place for art.

• Easy to use:

Plugs into the HDMI port of your TV

and automatically displays your art.

• ArtSticks come with all Moving Paintings in the collection pre-installed. You can unlock additional pieces with purchase at any time.

  1. HD1080p commercial grade monitors

are designed for 24/7 operation and are rated at 100,000 hours. Using the monitor 16 hours a day, will last over 17 years.

• Effortless: Your art will quietly wake up in the morning, and automatically go off at night at times of your choosing.

•  Many framing options.

• Easily rotate from landscape to portrait orientation.

•  Sizes are: 43”, 49”, 55” (diagonal)


Sea cliffs breakdown

“My technical approach to each moving painting varies quite a bit from scene to scene. This is an example of how I put together one scene from the Moving Painting “A Day at the Beach”.

I hope this gives you a little insight on how I go about creating my Moving Paintings.”

Steve Matson