The recent events with Madame Pele at the Kilauea volcano on the big Island has reminded me of the precious circle of life, how creation and destruction are constantly intertwined. Two sides of the same coin. And that the spirit of aloha means that we are all connected in this ongoing cycle of life.

I was raised in Hawaii and since being away one of the things I miss the most are the amazing Hawaiian landscapes, it’s majestic mysterious volcanic mountain ranges. As a kid I had countless hikes through incredibly dense jungles and misty mountains that invariably ended up at some magnificent waterfall swimming pool. A very welcome refreshing treat after a long trek.

“Mauka” (which means mountain in Hawaiian) is my 10th Moving Painting. A return to my roots, a return to Hawaii.

This is a short sneak peak version, the final version will be approximately 10 minutes long.